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Check this space for our observations, ideas and analyses-based on our years of experience and our commitment to not only extracting investment value from our regime-based model, but intellectual value as well.



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Over the long term, measured in years, the investment markets mimic the overall economy. We have seen many periods when the two diverged for a short time, sometimes significantly.

Arrogance of the Modern

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“The essence of intelligence is the ability to predict. To plan ahead, we simulate the world. The optimal action taken minimizes the predicted cost.” Yann LeCun, artificial intelligence pioneer.

Was that a pothole or the start of rough roads ahead?

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This is the question we are all asking ourselves as the Federal Reserve throws money at Wall Street and the federal government throws money at Main Street. The market’s rise this past week has many hoping it’s a sign that recovery is imminent, and we’ll be getting back to normal soon. A look at the recent unemployment figures, however, suggest that normal may take more time.

Auour Insights -To State the Obvious

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To state the obvious, this economic downturn has been sharp and painful to many. Though undoubtedly still painful, it has been less so for our clients. We have been warning of a growing instability within the financial markets and also preparing to weather it for quite some time. Although no one likes to see losses in their investments, the year-to-date losses our clients have experienced to date have been far less than their respective market benchmarks (in many cases it has been 40-70% less).



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